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Today is supposed to be a special day for me. Today is the day I reveal my new {kgP} blogsite that I have been tweaking for the past 60 days. I wanted everything to be PERFECT when it went live, as I have invested so much of myself into my business and I really wanted this site to showcase who I am both as a photographer and as the person who takes the photographs.

At the end of 2011, I made the decision to hire Tiffany Kelley, a very talented designer who is also a photographer. Her own website was the featured site of the day of another company that I follow and it came across my fb newsfeed. I clicked on her link and I knew this was the right decision for me. It was simple, not only is she a kickass designer, but she is a photographer. She knows the ins and outs of the industry and what is needed on my own site in order for it to work successfully. Many of you know me well and you know that I am a perfectionist, so let me tell you, taking me on as a client was not an easy task. I am SO particular and I know this about myself. And after the 35,172 email, my questions have all been patiently answered and my fantastic site is now live. Tiffany has been a pleasure to work with and I’d refer her to anyone!

But today, instead of pure happiness, I am heartbroken. One of the most beautiful, vibrant people I have ever known was tragically and brutally taken from this world on Tuesday. She was my boss. One of my best friends. My mentor. My confidant. I struggled with whether or not to post a ‘coming out’ entry as it seems wrong to be excited when so many people are grieving and mourning over our loss. I knew I wanted to write an entry honoring Kelly, but I also wanted a beautiful picture to go along with it. I was so upset that I did not have any pictures of either just her or of us. I have spent 40-60 hours a week with this amazing woman for seven years, and yet, I did not have one picture to commemorate her.

Over the past few months, I have been unable to prevent myself from taking Instagram shots of the sun && sky. I am a sucker for that sunshine and it was as though I have been compelled to do this. And as I was wondering which photo would do her memory justice, it hit me. These beautiful, serene images are my reminder that Kelly’s beauty, light and warmth surround us always as she looks down and now protects from above. Heaven received another angel last Tuesday.

And so I made the decision to move forward with this post. Kel has been so supportive of {kgP} since this journey began last fall and would have been thrilled to see it all come to fruition. So this debut is in honor of her and I shall celebrate her memory by not stifling something she would have been so proud of and would have wanted shared. I hope she knew how far her reach truly was, as it is clear by the overwhelming response that she touched and impacted the lives of so, so many.

And to Morgan, Brandon, Leslie && Adelai, I cannot tell you how much your Mom loved you all and spoke about you daily. Adelai was the light of her life and she was SO thrilled to be a Grandmother. Every few days she would remind me that we were booking a flight to AZ to take pictures of your beautiful family. Please give me the honor of making this wish come true the next time you are in Michigan. Nothing would make me happier than to gift you a family session.

Okay, big sis. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. Your smile lit up a room and your laugh was contagious. I know you’ll take care of everyone down here; you always put others before yourself. Just watch out for yourself, too.

All my love,
your lil sis. xo

Greg Gdaniec - Kristen, my heart broke when I heard that Kelly died, I went to high school with her, I haddn’t seen her for over 35 years, then back in Febuary, her & Larry showed up at the club my band was playing at chatter’s in Westland, it was like a breath of fresh air when she tapped me on the shoulder, I turn around & she say’s Greg Gdaniec? I said yes! she said Kelly Musto, I was speachless, I never tought I would see her ever again, I met Larry, I hugged her looked at her hugged her again, she & Larry stayed & watched the band they stayed the whole night, we talked, she looked so good to me, she was as pretty as ever, ok I addmit, I had a crush on her in high school, was a little jelious of Mike, that all kinda came back that night, she looked so happy, her smile compleatly lit up that room & my heart, just to see her again & to see her happy, well that made me happy, well today again I was at a loss for words, the news of Kelly’s passing took my breath away, this hurts a lot, what you’ve written here in honer of Kelly is beautiful, a beautiful person she is indeed, could you please tell me what happend, was she sick? good luck with your project & the site is great, take care, GregMarch 16, 2012 – 1:17 am

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