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As many of you know, I started {kgP} back in the fall of 2011. Learning how to take better photographs is an obvious joy, however, one of the other things I have truly enjoyed along this journey is the business aspect. I LOVE running my own business. It can be frustrating && overwhelming at times, but when things fall into place, it is oh-so-sweet.

One of the many decisions I have had to make is the method of which to transport my digital files to my clients if they were to choose that package option (which most tend to do). I originally was going to purchase flash drives with my logo printed on it, however, something was innately holding me back. Once I had said flash drive, I still had to mail it in a pretty package of sorts and I did not necessarily want to spend the $$$ on the container for the flash drive.

So, needless to say, I was ecstatic to find the following two vendors. First is Bent Tree Studios out of Indiana, who made these kickass custom DVD sleeves. I love love LOVE the simple packaging concept consisting only of cardstock and colored thread stitched around the perimeter. At only $1.20/sleeve and no set up fee, how can you say no? While I chose the most simple concept of an open sleeve, they also customize using a fabric liner and wooden button to enclose your DVD like an envelope. They process their batches first come-first served and my turn around time was two weeks. Steph was a pleasure to work with and I’m definitely planning on reordering once my supply is depleted. The only other thing I will add next time is I will incorporate the print release on the back of the sleeve.

I’m a sucker for presentation!

You can’t really see it, but in addition to being the creative freelancer, Steph is also a happiness advocate. :)

The stitching is awesome — just a little touch is all that was needed to dress these bad boys up.

Next, a big thank you to Kraft and Jute out of PA for my beautiful custom DVDs. It is the same price for both a CD and DVD and, again, at only $2/DVD without any set up fee, the price is just right. The print quality is great and the turn around time for these was under a week. While they will help design your CD/DVD cover, they also have a Ps template available for download so that you can create your own and submit it easily. I chose the latter and created mine along with my AHmazing graphic designer && friend, Angela De La Rosa. And, I have to say, they are pretty dang sweet. I worked with Kristie, she was fantastic, and I will again be submitting  a reorder when needed.

Next on the docket is purchasing some custom envelopes to mail these DVDs. I’ll be sure to post my newest find as soon as I do. :) xo


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