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{happy easter, my AHmazing family} | michigan lifestyle photographer

I love tradition.

My family upholds this well. For as long as I can remember, we have gotten together for Easter brunch. For the past few years, we have chosen to feast at the beautiful Andiamo’s in Dearborn. My favorite part of the tradition? Seeing which outfit my Grandmother will adorn for the day’s festivities. She is simply incredible. Not only did she have on a raspberry suit and white wide-brimmed hat, she also had on 3″ wedge heels. At 87.

She’s also responsible for today’s reservation of 18. Today I was allowed to sit at the grown up table :) (at 31), which means some of my beautiful cousins escaped without having their picture taken. Not to worry, this camera is permanently attached to my hand these days, so I will catch you at the next go round.

Isn’t she fantastic??

26 years together. {♥}

Ooh, baby. Bottomless mimosas. I also enjoy that the focus of this pic is actually on her hand holding the mimosa. I guess you can see where my brain was, ha. P.S. LOVE your bracelet, Aunt Michele!

Erick’s omelet order.

My two faves. Prime rib && raspberry blintz. Ahh.


Just doing what we do best. Chatting away.

Uncle Robert left Texas with his wife, Merry (left), to come back to the mitten last year. SO glad we’re able to spend holidays together again.

Grandma showing us her new hairstyle. Again, the only woman I know who can take off her hat, fluff her hair and look perfect.

I can hardly believe SHE gave birth to HIM. All so gorgeous.

Danggg. Looking good in that suit, Connor. Um, when did you grow up btw?

My beautiful mother on the phone with my sister, Kimmy. She lives in Colorado and holidays just aren’t the same without her. :(

Everyone’s favorite time: dividing the tab.

Erick took this shot. So pretty. :)

He also took these shots of {some} of the beautiful women in my family. LOVE.

Happy Easter  to you and yours! xo

Michele Nolan - Love these pictures Kristin!! I wish we hadn’t left before the picture of the girls!! Darn! It’s beautiful! All (almost – miss you Kimmy!) my female family in one shot! Stunning!April 9, 2012 – 12:57 pm

Ang - Looks like your family had about as much fun as my family! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! all the pics. Maybe I need to start hiring you to come to my family functions to take pictures… YOU ROCK!April 8, 2012 – 6:12 pm

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