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{john + laura’s wedding shower} | michigan event photographer

This post is the epitome of why I wanted to learn how to take good pictures.

My step-brother is marrying the woman of his dreams this June up at the Grand Traverse Resort && Spa in Acme, Michigan. Truly, she’s the woman of anyone’s dreams. Not only is Laura drop dead gorgeous, she is also SO INCREDIBLY NICE. Instead of making me want to dislike her for this little fact :), I’m very, very happy that she is joining the fam and wish them nothing but bliss. I’m a sucker for the details, and if her wedding save-the-dates and invitations are any indication, I know every one will be pure perfection and I cannot wait for the weekend’s festivities. A bonus for me? Their wedding photog is the AHmazing Jean Smith.

Laura’s MOH (maid-of-honor, for those of you not with the wedding lingo) is actually John’s cousin, Molly. I love this triangle. And can I just say, she may be the best MOH evah. Not only did she co-host this incredible wedding shower {along with her mother, Wendy} at the River Crab in Saint Clair, Michigan, but she also planned a stellar bachelorette party for Laura in Vegas, baby. Mind you, I know this through stalking their fb album. :) Molly, you are incredible and Laura is only lucky girl to have someone so caring as her bestie.

Going back to my initial thought, yes, this is why I wanted to learn how to work my camera. Documenting my own life and memories, and in this case, doing so as a gift for someone special. Nanc, these pictures are as much for you as for the bride && groom. Congrats to John && Laura. Love to you all. xo

Hydrangeas are the flower and have adorned the STDs && the invitations. Lovely touch to the shower.

The beautiful bride-to-be. I wasn’t exaggerating.

My personal fave, the pink bubbly which flowed throughout the afternoon. :)

Laura appreciating everyone who came to make this day special for her && John.

The lovely favors along with the ribbons I cut from Nancy’s dress. Doesn’t everyone hate when the hanging ribbons stick out the side?? Gah!

My step-mother, Nancy {right}, with her friend Jan. Lots of friends && family to come. {♥}

It’s present time! This one on the right is my gift. Look at that fantastic wrapping paper. My mother instilled into me that presentation is just as much of a part of the gift!

Oooh! Gorgeous Kate Spade vase. Lovely taste, my dear!

The MOB {mother of the bride}, Helenann on the right.

The dutiful bridesmaids! MOH, Molly, in the lovely pink dress below. && who doesn’t need a picnic set? :)

The satin robe embellished with ‘bride’.

John && Laura both went to MSU and met at one of John’s tailgates. Actually, they met when Laura kept sneaking beers. Ha.

Uh oh. Busted.

These may be two of my faves from the shower. Not only that, rock those guns girl!

John’s paternal grandmother. Oh-so-lovely!

And so enters the groom-to-be! Not only that, it’s John’s 30th birthday, as well. Happy Happy Dirty Thirty, John!

Mother && son.

I had to include this: Nancy always the socialite, so much so that she needs her Palm. :)

A stolen moment for mother && daughter.

A fantastic group of ladies!

And, finally, one of me with Nanc. A huge thank you to Judy for her mad photo skillz. I think my favorite part of growing up with Nancy is when my sister && I would be out with her and people would tell us how much we look like our mother. :)

For those of you not from the mitten, that is Canada on the other side of the river! Gasp!

And Molly was sweet enough to give me a centerpiece. Looks like someone else is just as thrilled. Sigh.

Nancy Greenwald - Absolutely beautiful pictures, Kristin! I would love a print of several of them. You definately have a talent! Thank you for being there. It meant a lot to me! Love you!April 24, 2012 – 7:41 pm

Wendy Thompson - What beautiful photographs! You are so nice to do this for Laura and John.They are lucky in so many ways! and it was so nice to meet you. See you at the wedding!!April 22, 2012 – 10:23 pm

Molly Miller - Omg Kristin! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented!! You captured such wonderful moments at the shower! Can’t wait to see you again at the wedding! See you in about 6 weeks! Yay! :)April 22, 2012 – 10:03 pm

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