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{cullen matthew … pt 1} | michigan newborn photographer

It’s October. This blows my mind! I have SO many AHmazing sessions to blog that, quite frankly, it’s overwhelming. I want to share all these sessions with you … and I will. Promise. But to start, I want to share a very special moment with you.

One of my besties introduced a perfect little boy to the world yesterday. Cullen Matthew has an older brother and sister and I held both of them in the hospital on the days they were born — I wasn’t about to miss this. :) I work with Nikole in Corporate America and see her face every. single. day. As this was their third child and they already have a boy and a girl, Nikole && Ryan did not find out the sex before hand. I am now absolutely, without a doubt convinced that it is SO much more exciting to withhold the sex until the birth. I was so excited to see if this little babe was going to be a boy or a girl that I felt like it was me having a baby! The level of excitement was overwhelming! Beyond.

I dropped by the hospital last night and I had my gear with me. Sitting in her hospital gown on the bed, holding her new babe, Nikole asked me if I was just coming from a session. I smiled, said no, and said I wanted to take some pictures as my gift for her and Ryan. She protested and said that I was to be there as a friend, not a photographer. I told her that I want to do this. That moments like these are why I embraced photography to begin with. To preserve these moments in time. And, so, Nikole && Ryan, I love you and have baby fever more than ever. I cannot wait for part 2 of our newborn sesh in a couple of weeks. :) xo

Introducing the beautiful family.

Look at this sweet face!

Nikole && Ryan had this post-it note in an envelope in their cupboard since their appointment at 20 weeks. Nikole’s a planner, so I have to say I am surprised she never broke down and took a peek!

So sweet!

Daddy had just changed Cullen before I arrived, so he was nice and alert for my visit. AND not one peep. :)

Hugs && Kisses. {♥} Both mom and baby wear these security bands. If they become separated, the alarm sounds.


Thanks Ryan for taking this pic! See, anyone can be a photographer. :) I shoot newborns all the time, but it’s not every day that I get to hold a 10 hour old little babe. AND, that morning I had to choose between a pink & gray and blue & gray shirt. I’m happy to report, I chose blue.

I had to add this one, too, since I love how Cullen is looking right at the camera. Good thing  you’re wearing that security bracelet, Nik. I’m mildly obsessed with him. xo

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