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What To Wear

You may not like it, but I’m just going to say it. STYLING can MAKE or BREAK your photographs.  I cannot stress enough how important your clothing choices are. Your outfits are the easiest way to showcase you and your family’s personalities in your portraits.

I’M HERE TO HELP. My fave choices always include bright, fun, lively colors and fantastic accessories. If reading that sentence causes you anxiety, it’s okay. Let’s just break it down piece by piece:

DON’T wear white and black. They are the hardest colors to photograph. Detail is easily lost in the brightness of whites {especially outdoors on a bright, sunny day} and the shadows of the blacks. If I just described your entire wardrobe, you are entirely anxious and your comfort zone is with neutrals …

DO just opt for blues, greys and browns! They photograph SO nicely — especially with a pop of color in an accessory {hint! hint!}.

DON’T be matchy-matchy. Long gone are the images where everyone wears the white shirts + khaki pants on the beach; or jeans with black shirts for a park setting. Trust me, if you do this, your images will automatically look dated.

DO coordinate your outfits. This is the fun part! Think layers, textures and funky accessories: scarves, hats, vests, boots, chunky or layered necklaces, tights, headbands + bows. And for the little ones, think props; sometimes less is more. While many outfits are adorable for one year olds, my fave images focus on just the accessories. Tutus, ruffly bottoms, legwarmers, necklaces, and headbands with flowers, bows + feathers are great for little girls. Boys look fantastic in hats, bowties, vests, plaid + suspenders. These details will ensure that your images are visually stimulating.

DON’T wear clothing containing words, pictures and logos. Patterns are fantastic! But t-shirts with pictures are a big negative. Also, it’s best to avoid a deep red or maroon, as this can have a negative impact on skin tones.

DO go over-the-top! We can always scale back if it gets to be too much. Layers are ideal because the simple removal of a coat, vest or scarf completely changes the look.

And, finally …

DO take into consideration having your HAIR and MAKE-UP done prior to our shoot. I know it is one more thing to think about, but my experience is that it makes a world of difference in the way that my ladies feel in front of the camera. It projects this air of confidence when you know you look your best and that definitely comes through in photos. PLUS I have referrals for both on-location and salon-based hair stylist/make-up artists based on where we are shooting. If you are interested in this, please let me know and I will be happy to coordinate!